Alberta Dental Association & College

All Smiles are Welcome

In this work, we produced two 30-second television commercials and multiple radio spots designed to break down peoples’ fears of going to visit the dentist, and then aired the commercials extensively on television across Alberta, as well as online using a specific, targeted digital media buy.

The commercial and radio spot introduced a positive and empowering message that the ADA&C was lacking in their previous campaigns. To accomplish this we featured a montage of real Albertans with unique backgrounds, ages and smiles to help express the sentiment that all smiles are welcome at the Dentist. We storyboarded and produced the commercials to be engaging and focused while stylistically aligning with the Alberta Dental Association and College’s current brand, colours and themes. The radio spots were created as an extension to the television commercials using a tone built for the medium without compromising the core concept of the campaign.