Crisis Management

Sometimes things go wrong that you didn’t see coming. Now, the media are calling, your Twitter’s blowing up, your shareholders are demanding explanations, and your employees are scared.

When that happens, you need crisis communications. We have extensive experience guiding clients through these times, and we have the resources to help you.

No two emergencies are the same, but often, the solutions involve:

  • Helping you sort through your options and priorities
  • Creating a strategy with your team and legal counsel
  • Crafting a statement for release
  • Developing a key message framework to guide you
  • Correcting the record as needed
  • Conducting real-time media (and social media) monitoring
  • Managing media interviews

In short, we’ll take you through immediate, concrete steps to address the issue at hand. We’ll also bring calm and clarity to a difficult situation—we won’t panic, even if everyone around you is panicking.

It could also be that nothing’s gone wrong yet, but you’d want to be ready if it did. In that case, we can discuss crafting crisis communications plans for you proactively, so you’re well-prepared if an emergency arises.

Get help

If you need crisis services right now, take the following 2 steps:

  1. Contact Justin, partner and PR lead, at 587-708-2560.
  2. Fill out the form below. You can call first and we’ll help you work through the form, or you can send us the form and then call us—whatever’s easier for you.

After that, we’ll come out to meet with you the same day. After we’ve dealt with the immediate crisis, we can also provide follow-up support for the next little while as you continue to work through the challenges.