What We Do

Tools to build your win

Complex issues and stakeholder needs demand a unique toolset that most marketing and communications firms can’t offer.  

The following are our broad service categories. Each one holds a full suite of tactics and capabilities. If you come to us with a problem to solve, we’ll pull together a custom mix of tools to fit your unique needs, timeline and budget.   

Looking for Crisis Management?

Advocacy Campaigns

The core of an advocacy campaign is a specific desired outcome. That outcome might be a policy decision, a change in public perception or behaviour, or getting a problem recognized by the people who can fix it.

Our advocacy campaigns build a constituency around a particular issue – or prompt an existing community to make their voices heard – to effect meaningful change.

This particular kind of work is an area of specialty for us. We’ve built and run campaigns to reverse funding cuts to post-secondary education, campaigns to increase support for sustainable forestry practices and campaigns to secure major infrastructure funding. These are very different issues, but in each case, we designed and implemented a solution that got our client what they needed.

Public & Media Relations

At its core, public relations means getting the right message to the right people at the right time. Done well, it strengthens relationships with stakeholders, enhances reputation and credibility, and helps organizations achieve important goals.

We use public relations to build stakeholder engagement and raise awareness of important issues or initiatives. Media relations, government relations and crisis communications are all subsets of our PR services, and you’ll find these tools woven into most of our client campaigns.

Strategic Positioning & Brand

Brand positioning is a process that brings you closer to your audiences by helping you better understand and articulate your competitive position.

We help clients build a more thorough understanding of their own capabilities, their target audiences’ needs and their competitive environment. Once that’s done, we use the insights from the process to help them establish a unique, valuable position in their market.

Design & Production Services

Whatever actual materials you need – logo and graphic design, print publications, websites, videos, or perhaps something more out of the ordinary – we can make them for you. We have an award-winning creative department with expertise in graphic design, animation, content layout, art direction, video production and creating experiential materials.