Hobnob 3: Erin Ross

You might have heard the joke. A kindergartener says to her mother, “I want to be an artist when I grow up!” And Mom says, as delicately and non-crushingly as she can, “well, honey… you can’t do both.”

Our Hobnobber this week is here to tell you that Mom was wrong. Erin Ross comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She also happens to be an artist – a painter who’s made her living painting for the past eight years. She sells work to clients directly through self-promotion, maintains partnerships with several galleries, and has created some public work you might know – ever seen the bathrooms at Corso 32?

That doesn’t mean she spends her days painting and doing nothing else. There’s a business side to being a professional artist, and Erin is here to walk you through it in her Hobnob with Justin Archer. Tune in for Erin’s insights on what it really takes to make art your full-time job, the changing landscape of the professional art scene, and the myth that artists can’t expect to be paid for their work.