Willie Lee joins the Partnership at Berlin Communications

Willie started in this business as an Account Coordinator at an ad agency way back in the year 2004. A lot has changed in nearly 20 years. Back then you would take a paid media budget and divide it up between TV, radio and Out of Home, and that’s about it. Agencies had big traffic departments that were responsible for the physical delivery of ads to the outlets where they’d run, and you were always getting mailed big bundles of tear-sheets from the newspapers to prove that it ran. If you made a website for a client (a rare occurrence) you would create the artwork with Adobe and then send it to a developer to code it in HTML. No one had a digital team.

A few things have changed since then, but the fundamentals of this business are the same. You still need to develop a deep understanding of the business problems the clients are faced with, and then help to solve them in effective and creative ways. You still need to earn their trust, and provide sound counsel. You definitely still need to be organized, keeping track of many different moving pieces both in the client work and in the business of the agency. And you need to be a trustworthy, reputable, dependable professional to excel in this world. Willie Lee is among the best in the business at all of this and more. He does what he says he will do, he treats people with respect, and he puts his whole self into his work.

We are honoured that he’s joined the partnership in Berlin Communications along with Michael Brechtel and Justin Archer, our two co-founders. Each of the three have very different personalities and strengths, but they are united in their commitment to the work and their belief that together we can deliver an unusually high winning percentage for our clients in our communications, advertising and advocacy practice.

Willie — we’re so happy you’re here.