Hobnob 1: Christy Dean

Photography is more than knowing how to handle a camera. There’s a world behind the images anyone sees – agencies, art directors, clients, talent. And sometimes, apparently, the talent is literally a porcupine. All in a day’s work for our Hobnob guest this week.

Being a commercial photographer in Edmonton calls for versatility. Christy Dean certainly has that – she’s been working in photography since the days where everything was still shot on film. The breadth of her skills has established her as one of our city’s most notable voice talents, too. There are similarities in these seemingly different worlds – the thrills and challenges of being a creative professional in a small market, doing a little bit of everything, selling clients on the value of a trained veteran as modern technology blurs the line between amateur and professional.

It comes down to soft skills, relationships and sensitivity, almost as much as technical prowess. In her conversation with Justin here, Christy breaks down how she got started and how she’s kept on top, evolving along with her industry.