Hobnob 8: Catrin Owen

Catrin Owen takes a “serendipitous” approach to her life and career. That’s how Edmonton became her home – after growing up in Wales, she was working at a PR firm in London and happened to fall in love with a Canadian. So, she packed up and moved here to pursue both graduate studies and romance.

That was the start of an illustrious career that now includes being Edmonton’s Deputy City Manager, Communications and Engagement (for those who don’t know, that means being in charge of ALL of the City’s communications). After more than 25 years as one of the city’s most respected consultants on the agency side, changing camps wasn’t part of some master plan years in the making. It just emerged, serendipitously, as the right thing to do – so she did it.

In conversation with Justin Archer, Catrin shares the wisdom she’s collected over her decades-long career. Listen here for her insights on leading through a pandemic, why municipal government is her “favourite” order of government, how to build the communications career you want and what it really takes to be a boss (in short: it’s not just about you anymore).