Hobnob Hangs with Jeff Tetz

Hobnob 13: Jeff Tetz

Leaders in businesses everywhere put countless hours of deep thought into the products and services they offer. The same goes for connecting with customers and pursuing new business. But what happens when leaders put even a fraction of that same consideration into crafting their company’s culture and work environment?

In simplest terms, their businesses do better. As CEO and Partner at Results Canada, Jeff Tetz has spent years working with leadership teams to unleash their organizations’ full potential. That calls for leaders to overcome some of the natural human instincts that hold them back – learning to be vulnerable, admit that you don’t have all the answers and open yourself up to constructive criticism might not be easy, but leaders who can master those skills find their reward in healthier workplaces, high-performing teams and much better solutions than they could have dreamed up on their own.

The colossal disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a proving ground for that philosophy, for Results as much as for any client they’ve counselled. Listen to our latest Hobnob here to learn how trusting the team, getting comfortable with failure and confronting things our brains are wired to avoid has helped Jeff, Michael and business owners everywhere keep their organizations up and running when it looks like it could all fall apart.