Hobnob 9: Don Iveson

Are fat tires or studded tires better for cycling in winter? What local whisky should I try next? Is holding public office like being exposed to radiation – in that sometimes it does a lot of good, but it just might kill you if you stay there too long?

We had a lot of questions for Don Iveson, Mayor of Edmonton. Since 2013, he’s been the man of a million stakeholders, accountable to every Edmontonian. And all winter cycling and whisky preferences aside, we at Berlin have huge respect for anyone who spends eight years diligently trying to build a city that works for a million people, or two million people, as the new City Plan lays out a future for “one million more.”

Listen here to Don and Michael’s hobnob about local government, “mayor school,” public pressure, mental health and raising a family. Whoever our next mayor might be, we’ll be lucky if they’re this much fun to talk to.