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Hobnob Episode 5: Omar Mouallem

This week we hobnobbed with Omar Mouallem – writer, journalist, editor, filmmaker, educator and small business owner. Asked how one actually becomes all those things, Omar had two key points to share: don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself, and accept from the start that it’s not a linear process. Nominated for 11 National Magazine…

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Anyone want to buy a monorail?

I remember thinking how great a monorail would be after watching Lyle Lanley pitch one to the lathered-up crowd in Springfield. Watching at 14, I was right there with them, caught up in the excitement of the slick, sleek vision he was selling. And even now – in places a lot less fictional than Springfield,…

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Canada Day

Today we’re back at work after a wonderful July long weekend. The Canada Day long weekend has special personal significance for me; it’s what I think of as my entrepreneur birthday. I quit a job at Calder Bateman, the venerable Edmonton advertising and public relations agency, at the end of June, 2011. On the Canada…

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