A note from Berlin’s founders, Michael and Justin

In the summer of 2012, the two of us met in Michael’s backyard a few times, drank scotch during the day, and talked about what it might be like to open an agency together. Well, now we know the answer: it would be awesome. For the past nine years, together we have built Berlin, tended to it, nurtured it, and grown it into something that is true and beautiful. We have done millions of dollars in business with an incredible variety of clients, and built a team that cannot stop astonishing us with their brilliance. This company is a reflection of our values and of who we are. It’s been a fantastic first chapter.

Our next chapter will look a little bit different. Justin will be temporarily stepping away from day-to-day work at Berlin for a while, to try a new adventure. He will be starting a new role as the Vice-President, Business Development at Invest Alberta later on this summer. While he’s gone, Michael will be the Managing Partner at Berlin, and along with our fantastic leadership team of Elizabeth Schowalter, Willie Lee and David Landreth, steer our growth and take us to new heights. Justin remains an owner of Berlin, a strategic resource if we need him, and our biggest fan. In addition to this, we are looking to make some other changes this year including a new office and a major new addition to our team, which we’ll talk more about soon. And, he’s coming back, we aren’t exactly sure when, but probably in a couple of years. From the two of us: thank you for everything so far, and we can’t wait for what’s next.

Berlin in 2012